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    This course provides an opportunity for students with a foundational knowledge of healthcare law to apply it to certain healthcare-specific business transactions, and to address some of the common regulatory problems that healthcare providers face. In addition to studying cases and articles, the course relies predominantly on a variety of less traditional law school teaching modalities—including small-group exercises, student-prepared “primer” presentations and instructor-prepared didactic video presentations—to provide students with both the substantive and skills-based knowledge of the many health law and some non-health law topics necessary to handle these matters.

  • SANDBOX_Introduction to Law, Legal Research, Writing and Analysis in Business Law

    Introduction to the US Legal System This course is intended primarily for non-lawyers seeking masters' degrees or certificates. The course seeks to prepare such students for taking JD-program courses.


    This online course, which provides a broad overview of the American legal system, is intended primarily for students who are not enrolled in the JD program but who will be taking JD-program courses while studying at UC Hastings. Such students are typically enrolled in either the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) program or the UC Hastings Master of Laws (LLM) program. MSL students generally have had little or no legal experience or training, whereas LLM students are foreign-trained lawyers who have not studied American law, which may be substantially different in some ways from their home country’s legal system. In conjunction with the legal research and writing course that you are likely also enrolled in, this course is designed to prepare you to succeed in your JD-program courses at Hastings and to better communicate about the law in the workplace with co-workers, legal counsel, clients, and others.